4/23 Newsletter

April 23, 2020


Dear Parents and Students,

Please note if your child has late or missing work I would like them to complete the assignment and then notify the appropriate teacher via email when they have completed it. Then it will take up to one week to update Powerschool.

Here’s a look at remote-learning for next week.


Mr. Schreck

Zoom meetings M-Th, 9:00 a.m.

Chapter 10, Multiply and Divide Fractions

Friday: ALEKS

Monday: Lesson 3, Model Fraction Multiplication

Tuesday: Lesson 4, Multiply Whole Numbers & Fractions

Wednesday: Lesson 4, Part 2

Thursday: Quiz, Lessons 1-4

Friday: ALEKS

Ms. Semandiris

Ch. 9 Add and Subtract Fractions

4/27 – Ch. 9 Lesson 12

4/28 – Ch. 9 Lesson 13

4/29 – Ch. 9 Review pages 695-696

4/30 – Ch. 9 Test

5/1 – 30 – 40 minutes Aleks

Mrs. Heuer

Next week, we will complete our study of inequalities.  It is incredibly important that students are watching the daily YouTube tutorials and joining our Zooms when we have them.  Mastery of these concepts will help set the kids up for success next year in Pre-Algebra.  Thank you for your dedication.

A look ahead:  We will be starting up our geometry chapters where we study area, surface area, and volume.  In these chapters, the students will need a calculator.  If you do not have a calculator at home, please purchase one.  Ti30 calculators work great, and they are reasonably priced!

Monday: Lesson 8.7 Solve 1-Step Inequalities.  Watch the video and interact.  Complete the selected problems from your text.

Tuesday:  Join the Zoom at 8:45!  Invitation will be sent on Monday and Tuesday in Google classroom.  Remember, Zoom meetings are just like class.  Come prepared with materials.  Be on task.  Goal: review inequalities

Wednesday: Depending on the zoom check in, we will either do one more review day or start ch. 9.

Thursday: WEEKLY QUIZ!  It’ll be in Google classroom at 7AM.  Take your time and do your best work.  It must be completed independently but you can use notebook/book/videos.  This grade goes into PowerSchool!

Friday: Do 45 minutes+ of ALEKS.

Science: Students will explore Mosamack.com to explore relationships among the complex Sun-Earth System. They will learn how seasons differ across the globe because of the tilt of the earth and the angle at which the sun hits the earth at given times.

 Social Studies: Next week we will have the Ch. 12 Quiz (Open Book) on Tuesday April 28th.  On Wednesday (4/30) we will begin the Ch. 13 Revolutionary War Chapter with a vocabulary assignment which will be due on Friday (5/1). Then we will continue the Ch. 13 Revolutionary War chapter the following week with a teaching video, and Reading Notes. More information to come on that in next week’s Boomerang.

Language Arts: Week 6 of “At Home Learning”, we will be exploring tone and audience! I will be giving two assignments students will need to complete by the end of the week. Students will have to complete 1) Tone/Audience Worksheet and 2) Tone/Audience Writing Prompt. This topic will continue into next week as well. I will also be hosting Zoom meetings for each class on Tuesday 4/28.

Reading: Students were happy to see each other in this week’s Reading Zoom. We’ll plan on meeting for Reading Zooms every Tues: 5A at 11:00 and 5B at 10:00. The updated link to join will be found in next week’s homework matrix and in my Google Classroom on Monday. We reviewed our new Zoom Expectations this week, which can be found on the Stream page of my Google Classroom. We will move along to the end of Frindle next week. The students have enjoyed reading and talking about this light-hearted story with a thought provoking message. Depending on how quickly we move through the end of the story, there will be an end of the book quiz, most likely the week of May 4.

Religion: Students will explore what a religious vocation requires as well as the faith life of Saint Francis Xavier. Students will take an open book quiz on Ch. 19, The Call to Serve, next Friday (5/1).

Stay safe!