2/20 Newsletter

February 20, 2020


Dear Parents and Students,

Here’s a look at the week ahead.


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 8, Fractions & Decimals

Friday: Lesson 1, Fractions & Division

Monday: Lesson 2, Greatest Common Factor

Tuesday: Lesson 3, Simplest Form

Wednesday Lesson 4, Problem Solving

Thursday: Review Lessons 1-4

Ms. Semandiris

2/24  Ch. 7 Lesson 2, Order of Operations

2/25  Ch. 7 Lesson 3, Write Numerical Expressions

2/26   Check My Progress Quiz Lessons 2 & 3

2/27   Ch. 7 Lesson 6, Patterns

2/28   Ch. 7 Lesson 8, Ordered Pairs

Mrs. Heuer

This Friday, the kids are taking their chapter 2 test on fractions, decimals, and percents.  Next week, we will start chapter 5, where we will work with integers and the coordinate plane.  We are skipping the 3rd and 4th chapters because they are reviewing skills that we covered this fall: computation with multi-digit numbers and multiplication and division of fractions.  The students can feel free to work on these pages if they have extra time or in the summer as review.

Religion: Students are learning why the Liturgy of the Word is important. The Liturgy of the Word is the first of the two main parts of the Mass. In readings from the Old and New Testaments, God speaks to the heart of each person. Jesus is truly present in the word as it is proclaimed and preached in the liturgy. Students will take a quiz on Chapter 17, The Liturgy of the Word, next Wednesday.

Social Studies: We are working on Chapter 8, Facing Slavery. We are learning about the West African perspective and experience of facing slavery during the colonial period. Students are completing the Interactive Notebook Reading Notes in class. They are also receiving the correct answers from me and are given time to make changes to their notes after they complete their own notes. We have also divided into small groups to face three dilemmas the West Africans face. The test will be on 2/25. The study guide will be given out on 2/13.

Science: Students will learn how matter cycles between the living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem. They will also discover how bacteria and other decomposers break down organic matter and in the process release forms of nitrogen that plants can use.

Language Arts: Our Lesson 11 Spelling Quiz will be Friday February 28th. We will be taking a practice quiz, Monday February 24th so students will have an idea of which words they need to review throughout the week to be prepared for Friday’s quiz. Words can be found on my website: https://6b.holyrosaryws.org/5th-la/.

Reading: End of book test for Number the Stars is on Tues. 2/25. Students are encouraged to prepare by re-reading parts of the book, looking over previous comprehension and analysis assignments and spending some time on the Sparknotes.com site for Number the Stars. It includes summaries for each chapter, character analyses, practice quizzes and more.

Have a great weekend!