11/7 Newsletter

November 7, 2019


Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Students,

A conference questionnaire has been sent home today to help prepare for conferences. Please return it by Nov. 21st. Thank you!


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 4, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Friday: Lesson 4, Adjust Quotients

Tuesday: Lesson 4 Review

Wednesday: Lesson 5, Divide Greater Numbers

Thursday: Lesson 6, Problem Solving Investigation

Ms. Semandiris

11/12 – Ch. 3 Test

11/13 – Ch. 3 Test

11/14 – Ch. 4 L. 1, Estimate Quotients

11/15 –Ch. 4 L. 3, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Mrs. Heuer

Next week we will be working on our fourth unit, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.  Each lesson will build on the previous lesson.  We will be using some modeling to enhance understanding.  We will complete this unit before conference/Thanksgiving week, setting us up to complete our fifth grade work before Christmas.

Science:  Students will learn how scientists classify all living things into five groups called major groups or kingdoms: Moneran, Protist, Fungus, Plant, and Animal. Students will then discover how scientists divide the organisms in a kingdom into smaller groups (genus and species).

Reading: 5th graders are finishing up the novel Hatchet this week. Many are asking if there is a sequel, and in fact, there is! Brian’s Winter, also by Gary Paulsen, is the story of what would have happened had Brian not been found, and had to face winter in the Canadian Wilderness. There will be an end of book quiz on Wed. Nov. 13. I encourage students to participate in class review discussions and review the story as needed. Sparknotes.com is a good site for reviewing novels chapter by chapter, as well as providing support in areas of plot, character and theme. It’s a helpful site to explore together with your child.  https://www.sparknotes.com/lit/hatchet/

 Social Studies: We are currently working on Chapter 5, Routes of Exploration to the New World. Students have completed a challenge game today which reviewed the information in the Interactive Notebook. Students have also been working to complete the Interactive Notebook reading notes for all the explorers in class. Looking ahead, the study guide will be passed out on 11/12. The test is on 11/19.

Language Arts: This week, we have been hard at work collecting specific evidence to help support our opinion essay. We are wrapping up our week by drafting our introductory paragraph and discussing what makes a reader want to keep reading? We will be designing “hooks” for our essays, to hopefully hook the reader into wanting to read more! Next week, we will continue to draft our essay and edit as we style our papers into M.L.A. format. The students are clearly invested in creating a strongly supported claim, it is wonderful to see their ongoing effort to improve their writing skills. Our next Spelling Quiz will be November 15th on Lesson 5 words, just 20 words (no challenge). Less time will be dedicated to reviewing our Spelling Words in class, next week, so please be sure students are dedicating time at home to prepare for the quiz. Words can be found on my website: https://6b.holyrosaryws.org/5th-la/.

Religion:  Students begin Chapter 14, New Life in Christ. Students will learn how the Sacraments of Initiation are celebrated for adults and children joining the Catholic Church.

Students will research their Baptism by completing baptismal collages in class. They may come home with some questions about their Baptism.

Library/Technology: 1 hour of typing practice completed by Monday night. Typing test on home row keys next Tuesday, November 12.

Have a great weekend!