1/20 Newsletter

January 20, 2023

Dear Parents and Students,

Students Inventions are due Next Friday. They will be displayed in the hallway for Catholic Schools Week.

Here’s a look at the week ahead.


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6, Multiply & Divide Decimals

Monday: Lesson 6, Multiply Decimals by Powers of Ten

Tuesday: Lesson 7, Problem Solving: Looking for a Pattern

Wednesday: Lesson 8, Multiplication Properties

Thursday: Lesson 9, Estimate Quotients

Friday: Review/ALEKS

Ms. Semandiris

Monday (Jan 23) – Chapter 3 Test

Chapter 5, Add and Subtract Decimals

Tuesday (Jan 24) – Ch. 5, Lesson 1, Round Decimals

Wednesday (Jan 25) – Ch. 5 Lesson 2, Estimate Sums and Differences

Thursday (Jan 26) – Ch. 5 Problem Solving Investigation – Estimation

Friday (Jan 27) – Check My Progress Review

Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *Test corrections and 2.1 Fractions and Decimals

Tuesday: *2.2 Fractions and Percents

Wednesday: *2.3 Percents and Decimals

Thursday: *2.4 More with Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

Friday: *Customized ALEKS assignment

Religion: Students will identify the parts, signs and effects of the Sacraments of Healing (Reconciliation & Anointing of the Sick). Students will also learn about the life of Saint Damien. Saint Damien modeled compassion for the sick at the leper colony on Molokai in the late 1800s.

Social Studies: We have made great progress this week working on our Colonial Billboard Presentations. Presentations will be on Tuesday (1/24) for 5A and Thursday (1/25) for 5B.  Next week students will continue to prepare for their presentations. They will also do a processing assignment writing about the three colonial regions. I will push out the study guide for this Chapter on Google Classroom. Students should be studying for the Chapter test which is on 2/9.

Science: Students begin a STEM unit by Project Lead the Way titled Ecosystems: Flow of Matter of Energy. Students will learn how matter and energy flow through an ecosystem. Students will also discover how a change in an ecosystem affects its balance.


English/Language Arts: Hello HRS families. Next week in language arts, we will continue reading Wonder. Students can expect reading at home, and to also complete another double-entry journal. On these, students find important quotes (left side), and write commentary (on the right side) about the quote. In their commentary, students are practicing writing analysis, in which they explain why the quote is important. They can explain how it shows a character’s emotions, displays a motif, connects to a theme, etc… We’ve been practicing this in class, but if students are struggling with this, I’d be happy to work with them before or after school. Just let me know. It’s important that students hold onto these, as they will use their quotes in the final theme essay for this unit. There will also be a spelling test next week. The words can be found on the matrix. Have a great weekend.

Have a great weekend!