1/10 Newsletter

January 10, 2019


Dear Parents and Students,

Here’s a look at the week ahead.


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 6, Multiply and Divide Decimals

Friday: Lesson 11, Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers

Monday: Review lesson 11

Tuesday: Lesson 13, Divide Decimals

Wednesday: Lesson 14, Divide Decimals by Powers of 10

Thursday: Review Lessons 13 & 14


Ms. Semandiris

Chapter 5, Add and Subtract Decimals

1/14 L. 7 Addition Properties

1/15 L. Check My Progress

1/16 L. 8 Hands On: Subtract Decimals Using Models

1/17 L. 9 Hands On: Subtract Decimals Using Models

1/18 L. 10 Subtract Decimals

Mrs. Herrin

This week we had to put the brakes on for just a minute and redo a bit of 5th grade curriculum before diving into the 6th grade curriculum.  We started Ch. 1 “Ratios and Rates” of the new book and will continue this week.  We will begin with Unit Rates and work through Ratio Tables. Your students now have a workbook if you’d like to see what they have been learning in class in more detail.  Exciting math ahead!

Reading: This week we started reading Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. This historical fiction novel tells the story of friendship and courage as a Jewish family attempts to escape German soldiers in Denmark. Already, the students are very engaged in the story and come to class eager to talk about it. Each student has been asked to transport their book from school to home and back in a ziplock bag in an effort to keep the books in good condition.

Science:  Students will look at microbes (volvox, blepharisma, and vinegar eels) under the microscope. They will learn the characteristics of each. Students will take a quiz on these organisms based on the notes they have taken in class on Friday, January 18th

Social Studies:  We have begun Chapter 7, Comparing Description: In a Problem Solving Groupwork activity, students create a billboard for one of six British colonies and then try to persuade other students to settle in their colony. Essential Question: How were the three colonial regions alike and different. The test for Chapter 7 will be on 1/24. The study guide will be pushed out on Social Studies Google Classroom one week prior to the test.

Language Arts:  I want to congratulate the students on coming back and starting strong this week. We went straight into learning out lesson 9 spelling words, which are all compound words. We will have our quiz tomorrow, January 11th, challenge words are included.

Religion: Students will learn the difference between venial and mortal sin. They will discover how the Sacrament of Reconciliation strengthens our relationship with God. Through God’s grace our sins are forgiven.

Library/Technology:  Students should complete 60 minutes of typing practice for the week.  Each grading week for 5B starts on Tuesday and ends the following Monday.  Their next hour is due by the end of Monday (1/14).

Students will have a chance to retake their most recent test on keys U, R, K, and Previous Keys on Tuesday (1/15).  Students will be graded on their accuracy and speed using the home row keys while their hands are covered. Speed will be expected to be at least 30 wpm for these keys.  Their newest typing test will take place of the following Tuesday (1/22) and will be on the D, E, I, and Previous Keys. Accuracy is calculated on the test on a % based scale. Speed will be expected to be at least 30 wpm for 100% for these keys.

Have a great weekend!