12/1 Newsletter

December 1, 2023

Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Students,

Our whole school will support the Westside Baby joy drive during the month of December as a schoolwide Advent project.  Donations can be dropped at the WestSide Baby bin near the office inside the school. Families can also donate directly online using their Amazon Wish List. WestSide Baby works with over 100 social service organizations to support 40,000 local kids each year in King County.  The drive will take place 11/27 to 12/14. Thank you for supporting families in need in our community!

Most Needed Items:

  • Diapers (sizes 3-6)
  • Pull-Ups (2T-5T)
  • Rain Boots
  • Winter Coats
  • Hats and gloves
  • Pajamas
  • Blankets
  • Books & Toys


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 4, Divide by a Two-Digit Divisor

Monday: Lesson 6, Problem Solving

Tuesday: Chapter 4 Review

Wednesday: Chapter 4 Test

Chapter 5, Add & Subtract Decimals

Thursday: Lesson 1, Round Decimals

Friday: School Mass (no math)

Ms. Semandiris

(Please check the Matrix)

Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *5.4 Customary Units of Capacity

Tuesday: *5.5 Metric Ruler

Wednesday: *5.6 Metric Length

Thursday: *5.7 Metric Mass

Friday: *No class – Mass

Science: Students will practice using microscopes. Students will learn how to prepare a wet-mount slide. They will also learn to focus up and down over the surface of an object that has depth. Students will then use their skills to identify unknown specimens using a microscope.

English/Language Arts: Hello HRS families, and happy December! Next week, students will be planning and drafting a two-page short story in the genre of realistic fiction. Please note that students will be writing these in class as an assessment (they shouldn’t work on them at home). They will be assessed on skills practiced throughout the first trimester, including: using descriptive and figurative language, writing dialogue, using vivid verbs/adjectives, and showing elements of plot. We will begin with using the problem/solution formula so that students can resolve a conflict in their stories. There will also be a vocab test on Friday, so I recommend students study throughout the week. Have a great weekend.

Social Studies: (please check the Matrix)


Religion:  Sunday December 3rd begins the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a period of simple living and extra prayer. It is a time to prepare for a new coming of Jesus our Savior.

Students will learn how the Church welcomes new adult and children members through the RCIA process. Students will complete a study guide to prepare for a quiz on Ch.14, New Life in Christ, next Thursday (12/7).

Have a great weekend!