6/3 Newsletter

June 3, 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

Students have been invited to bring in a non-perishable lunch next week for the Lunches of Love program.


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 12, Geometry

Monday: Lesson 4, Sides and Angles of Quadrilaterals

Tuesday: Lesson 5, Classify Quadrilaterals

Wednesday: Lesson 7, Three-Dimensional Figures

Ms. Semandiris

I would like to encourage all students in my math class to participate in the Summer Math Challenge. The information for this challenge will be in your Report Card envelope on June 10th! Also, your child’s Aleks account is good through August 2022 so students can do Aleks to practice their math this summer.

Monday (6/6) – Review of Double and Digit Multiplication

Tuesday (6/7) – Review of Long Division

Wednesday (6/8) – Aleks

Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *Gather data for statistical display

Tuesday: *Work on statistical display

Wednesday: *Final day of class!

Thursday: *Cleaning day

Friday: *Happy summer!!

Social Studies: On Monday 5B will have their Patriot vs. Loyalists Debate. Please remember to bring in something as a costume! On Tuesday for 5A and Wednesday for 5B, we will use an example of a “Tug of War” game to understand how the Continental Army was able to defeat the British Army in the Revolutionary War. Students have done a wonderful job this year in Social Studies.

English/Language Arts: Hello, and happy weekend! On Monday of next week, students will be finishing their 6th grade teacher letters. We spent some time this week learning how to write a formal letter, which is really showing in their letters to future teachers. In the final days of school, we will be doing a reader’s workshop with the story “The Circuit.” Have a great weekend.


Science: Students will use their completed planet brochures to share what they learned about their chosen planet.

Family Life: Students will wrap up their study of Family Life with a lesson on the male and female reproductive systems.


I enjoyed teaching the fifth graders this year. I look forward to teaching them 6th grade science next fall!

Have a fun and safe summer!