9/26 Newsletter

Sept. 26, 2019


Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Students,

Parent PowerSchool Account – PowerSchool brings the power to the parent by giving you online access to your child/ren’s grades, attendance, teacher comments and other classroom information. Parents and students should check PowerSchool regularly to stay informed on grades and assignments.

Students will received their account information in today’s boomerang envelope. If you have already have a PowerSchool account with an older child, your fifth grader has been added to that account and you do not need to do anything further.

Here’s a look at the week ahead.


Mr. Schreck Chapter 2: Multiply Whole Numbers

Friday: Review, Lessons 1,3 & 4/ALEKS

Monday: Quiz, Lessons 1,3 & 4

Tuesday: Lesson 7, The Distributive Property

Wednesday: Lesson 8, Estimate Products

Thursday: Lesson 9, Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

Ms. Semandiris- Students received their login information for Aleks. They can work on Aleks at any time at home to practice math!

9/27 –Ch. 2 Lesson 4, Multiplication Patterns

9/30 – Ch. 2 Lesson 6, Hands On: Use Partial Products and the Distributive Property

10/1 – Ch. 2 Lesson 7, The Distributive Property

10/2 – Ch. 2 Lesson 8, Estimate Products

10/3 –  Ch. 2 Lesson 9, Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

10/4 – Ch. 2 Lesson 10, Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

Ms. Heuer-We have begun our second unit, Multiplication and Division Review & Multiply and Divide Decimals.  In the first several lessons of this unit, we are exploring patterns and estimation.  Next week we will begin multiplying and dividing decimals.  We will also work with multiplying and dividing decimals by powers of 10.  The students are making good progress with their transitions and consistency with homework.

Science: Students will learn how to conduct controlled experiments by experimenting with variables that affect the behavior of pendulums they will build in class. They will graph their results in a variety of ways and use their graphs to predict the behavior of the different lengths of pendulums they construct.

Social Studies: On Monday and Tuesday, we will play a review game with the class for the Chapter 1 test. The test for Chapter 1 is on Friday (10/4).

On Thursday (10/3), We will begin the next lesson Ch. 4 Why Europeans Left for the New World. Students will become Deep Sea Divers and Research Scientists, excavating artifacts from a sunken ship dating back to the Age of Exploration. During class students will be identifying the artifacts and reading about them in their textbooks. Next they will take notes in their Interactive Notebook much like a Research Scientists would in real life. Looking ahead, the test for this Chapter will be on 10/25. Please have students bring in swimming goggles for this lesson on Thursday!

Religion:  Students begin Ch. 2, Made to Be with God. Students will explore the sense of longing we all feel as part of the desire God put in our hearts to be truly happy with him. They will also examine the search for happiness through the Gospel account of the Woman at the well (John 4:7-29)

Language Arts:  Lesson 2 Spelling Quiz will be Friday 10/4. The words are posted to my website for easy access. We have been studying and sharing opinion writing this week by explaining point of view with reasons and information.  Students are continuing to utilize organizational structures in which ideas are logically grouped to support their opinion.

Reading:  tba

Have a great weekend!

A message from Paul Dolejsi:

Holy Rosary – Altar Server Training 2019-20

Special announcement to Fifth Graders—you are eligible to serve!

Girls and boys in grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and High School can serve the holy people of God during Mass. When we join in the Mass, we remember Jesus and give thanks and praise for all the good things that God does for us. Altar Servers assist the whole church in praying. They carry the crucifix, candles and books at Mass. They prepare the altar so that bread and wine can become the Body and Blood of Christ!

The priests and the other ministers who help us celebrate the Mass rely on the altar servers so that we can all receive Christ by hearing the Word of God and receiving the Eucharist. Servers are trained after school or in the evening.

We have one training session left:

  • Tue., October 1 – 6:30-8:30pm (location: church sacristy)

Use the signup genius link below to register:


Paul G. Dolejsi

Pastoral Asst., Liturgy & Music

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