11/3 Newsletter

November 3, 2023

Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Students,

Here’s a look at next week:


Mr. Schreck

Chapter 3, Divide by a One-Digit Divisor

Monday: No class-school play

Tuesday: Lesson 10, Quotients with Zeros

Wednesday: Lesson 12, Interpret the Remainder

Thursday: Lesson 13, Problem Solving-Determine Extra or Missing Information

Friday: No School-Veteran’s Day

Ms. Semandiris

Chapter 3 Divide by a One- Digit Divisor

Monday (11/6) – Ch. 3 Lesson 1 Relate Division to Multiplication

Tuesday (11/7) – Ch. 3 Lesson 2 Hands On: Division Models

Wednesday (11/8) – Ch. 3 Lesson 3 Two – Digit Dividends

Thursday (11/9) – Ch. 4 Division Patterns

Mrs. Heuer

Monday: *No class – Play

Tuesday: *4.2 Multiply Whole Numbers and Fractions

Wednesday: *4.3 Multiply Fractions

Thursday: *4.4 Cancel Before Multiplying

Friday: *Veterans Day

Social Studies: We are working hard on Lesson 4, Why Europeans Came to the New World. Students are exploring artifacts found on a sunken ship from the 1400’s – 1500’s. They are analyzing these artifacts, writing reading notes as well as categorizing them into three areas.  The test for this Chapter will be on 11/13. The study guide will be on Google Classroom on 11/6.

English/Language Arts: Hello HRS families. Last week, we finished Number the Stars. Students were given a variety of options for their final project, which will be due on Monday, November 13th. A description of each project choice can be found on Google Classroom. Let me know if you have any questions. Some projects, such as the board game, can be completed in groups of 2-3. Others, like the movie poster, should be done individually. Next week, we are working on narrative writing skills such as writing dialogue, using vivid verbs and adjectives, and figurative language. We will begin the short story final the following week. We will have our vocab/spelling test on Thursday, November 9th (no school on Friday). Have a great weekend!

Science: Students will continue to study living cells. They will discover why all human cells don’t look alike. They will learn about the function of different cells in the human body and how similar cells form tissues.

Students will also be able to explain how human cells are different from plant cells.

Religion: Students begin Chapter 14, New Life in Christ. Students will learn how the Sacraments of Initiation are celebrated for adults and children joining the Catholic Church.

Have a great weekend!